Advances made in the fields of design, architecture, acoustics, as well as evolving notions of performance practise, have had a continuing impact on the living tradition of the public performance space. The purest light and hope entwine in dark moments. Classe de JeanFrançois Guay, saxophone. Globalement, on sent le chef roué qui court un peu après la partition, en en maîtrisant néanmoins bien des aspects. Octuor pour cordes et vents; Beethoven: But at home its beauty of sound and the virtuosity of its players have been emasculated by the inadequacies of the Salle Wilfred Pelletier in Place des Arts.

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In this suite, Schumann presents an imaginary society of biblical inspiration , which is committed to identifying and keeping music of the classical tradition and its masters alive. But being the great musician she is it should come as no surprise that she can play anything. Alys Robi au carrefour de la modernité au Québec. Suite pour 4 altos; York Bowen: Fundraising, Distribution, Public relations, Project coordination, Writing, editing, translations, Website, , cv scena. However, it can be clearly shown that compression neuropathies are diagnosed in many instrumentalists. More modest, however, is his quartet Tilting that comprises such Montreal stalwarts as Jean Derome alto and baritone saxes, bass flute , pianist Guillaume Dostaler, and drummer Isaiah Ceccarelli.

La fin est tout bonnement géniale.

La Scena Musicale November 2011

Et cela peut être très raffiné 2e introduction. La prise de son est curieuse: Globalement, on sent le batoli roué qui court un peu après la partition, en en maîtrisant néanmoins bien des aspects. Ce sera la seule version de concert de la confrontation avec une de Boulez. Revenons sur terre et en studio. II est plus intéressant, avec une vraie conception.

Alban Bartoli – Voir Ailleurs (Clip Officiel) – video, klip, mp4, mp3, 3gp

Le son manque de naturel, ça sent le multi-micros trafiqué, mais ce sera certainement une des versions les plus lisibles. Introduction très vivante du II. Excellent version, but one is less concerned than with Monteux. Beautiful introduction, a little confused per moments, it is then a little heavy, Jeux des cités until the end of the 1st part came better. The 2nd part is better than inbut all is a little heavy and static. As always with Chicago, it is not the height of orchestral elegance, but it is so effective!

And it can be very refined 2nd introduction. In short, it is transporting from the beginning to the end. In short nothing crippling, there are that and there beautiful solos, beautiful sequences, but it is rather boring whereas there was such an organic life in his Petrushkabut with New York….

I remember a radio journalist who told, flabbergasted, that certain passages had been assembled bar by bar for this recording… More intentions at the beginning, more percussions, it is almost as slow as Boulez and hardly becomes animated, except for the Jeu du raptbut it is a little external. The sound recording is curious: The medium part is quite slow it is one of the slowest versions overall.


alban bartoli i realize mp3

All in all, one feels the old conductor who runs a little after the score, while controlling nevertheless many aspects. The slowest version up to now, whereas Le Sage is one of the fastest, thus it is a little impulsive.

Beautiful intro of II, superb tone control, the remainder is very well, superb percussion. A rather elegant version, but without surprise.

It will be the only version in concert of this survey. He gave on June 6 a rather uninteresting lecture and 10 days later with the same orchestra a version as personal as accomplished… This is the readingwhich shows the more mystery from the very beginning and which supports the interest by a deaf tension in spite of the slowness of the tempi and the absence of any demonstrative will.

That does not want to be, it is. Let us return on the ground and in studio. Tilson Thomas made work of pedagogy in the series keeping scorewith in particular the Rite. Nothing much to point out in I, it is clean, distinguished, with very neat phrasings, it is a little mannered, but the orchestra and the sound recording are superb. II is more interesting, with a true conception. Sound is too much edited but this ives a clear lecture.

Excellent rythm, coherence, superb tones, the last part of I is just superbe, elegant and eloquent. Maybe less dionysiac as with Ozawa but splendid netherveless. II i ntroduction is also very lively. The rest is a little bit too much slow. Score is a mix between a fantastic I and a less enthousiastic II.

This is oen of the most clear and analytic versions, even dazzling, as for the sound strates management. This analytic reading, thus aided by the sound engineer, works very well indeed. Maybe not the most inspired version, but the conducting technique and the intrumental realization are outstanding 7,5 Suite: A mon sens, les deux versions les plus intéressantes de Boulez sont le live à Paris en et la version Clevelandcar elles sont opposées: Les versions studio de Ades et Cleveland sont à mon sens beaucoup moins intéressantes….

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alban bartoli i realize mp3

En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées. Nicolas Slonimsky a mis en cause la traduction anglaise des titres donnés aux différentes sections: Boulez — et Kubelík Le but étant de sélectionner 5 à 6 versions marquantes, à comparer ensuite de façon plus approfondie.

Les notes données le sont à fin de sélection future. On va parcourir tout cela dans un joyeux désordre.


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Tableau des versions avec temps et notes: Les versions retenues pour une confrontation finale seront celles ayant obtenu 7,5. Les versions notées 7 sont généralement excellentes néanmoins. If I consider Schoenberg and Debussy at least as important for the beginnings of the modern music, it seems to me false to say that it is not a revolutionary work the language is certainly modal or polytonal and that it did not have of influence on composers later on. André Boucourechliev distinguished in the Rite of Spring Khorovods dances and Russian songs inspired by ancient GreeceDanses de la Terre, Danse sacrale, Jeu des cités rivales, Jeu du rapt and processions Cortège du sage, Invocation des ancêtres….

Let us start with a Khorovod not very far away from the introduction of the work: The goal being to select 5 to 6 outstanding versions, and to compare then more thoroughly. The notes given are for our future selection.

Spreadsheet with recordings, times and quotes: The final evaluation will retain versions with a quotation at least of 7. Versions quotet 7 are excellent nevertheless. An interesting commentary of conductor Frédéric Chaslin on publishers mistakes 1 — Stokowski — It is a little still, with curiously some approximations. Beautiful introduction of the Sacrifice, but the pianissimi are a little exaggerated. The introduction shows beautiful tones, but is a little chaotic.

The Augures are quite slow and flat, then it is slower, not clean, in short a day without? We almost gave up, but then, there are some urgencies and the whole becomes animated: Afterwards, we are in the great orchestral pyrotechnics of Svetlanov; one can dislike, we adore… and this time we are not bored! The end is simply brilliant.

That starts badly as for Svetlanov, the Augures miss width and of nerve; separately a percussion well sounding, this time not any awakening as for the previous one; a very musical version nevertheless. It remains that there are imperfections: The first modern version, i.

So, clarity, precision, especially a superb management of time, very beautiful sound recording for the date. Rafael Frubek de Burgos. Pedro de freitas Branco. Leonardo Scotti Jacha Horenstein in fact. Michael Tilson-Thomas – Georg Solti. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google. Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée.

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