Symbolic Exchange and Death. As for the transliteration of the Iraqi data, I used a system based on the works of, McCarthy and Raffouli , , Woodhead and Beene eds. Another strategy found in my corpus is the inclusion of both the sender and the receiver in the activity that a phrase refers to, even if the matter concerns only one of the interlocutors. As a second function, the Arab grammarians mention that it can be an emphasizing pronoun 21 Cf. On the other hand, graffiti has been approached in scientific papers, from a sociological, anthropological or political science point of view, during and after the protests and revolutions that have shaken the Middle East: Surely my Lord is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.

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These elements are widely found in Arabic graffiti but they are reshaped by merging with local traditions and cultural elements. Even if graffiti in the Middle East have always been associated with conflict, and its relationship to the political context cannot be denied, countries like Lebanon or Jordan offer example of another type of graffiti, where the political elements play a smaller role. From this interaction, forms of hybridization may arise, born out of the appropriation by Arab graffiti artists, of global images, calligraphic styles and symbols. When you repeat this process billions of times you end up with billions of patterns and one very smart computer program. The resulted construction can be declined in gender and number, based on the subject and having the following forms: Sunt mai slabe decât crezi.


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